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Rocks Jewellers own collection of beautiful gold, silver and diamond earrings. We offer classy to quirky designs that appeal to different individuals. have since become popular. These include the tragus piercing, antitragus piercing, rook piercing, industrial piercing, helix piercing, orbital piercing, daith piercing, and conch piercing. In.
Deck your ear piercings out with Cocobul's cartilage earrings! Cartilage earrings are generally worn on the ears- they can be worn anywhere they fit! Ear cartilage piercings include the helix, rook, daith, tragus, anti-tragus, conch and MORE.
Diamond earrings of any kind have been the favorite jewelry accessory of women for over two millenia. Whether diamond studs, diamond hoops, diamond dangles, whether round diamonds, princess cut, marquise, oval or pear shape diamonds, the addition of a diamond earring has been the perfect compliment to any wardrobe style.
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Cartilage, tragus, industrial and helix piercing Jewelry

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Helix Earrings. If you've got a piercing to make pretty then our collection of body jewellery is ideal. Switch out the standard with some on-trend body jewels or some daily staple pieces to keep your piercing looking seriously fresh.

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Whether you have heavy earrings, bad Liquid Hoop Earrings - Metallic The best thing about Lanvin's silver-tone earrings is that you don't need piercings to work the French label's signature Loren Stewart Mini Heart Safety Pin Earring - A heart-tipped safety pin combines punk-rock inspiration with schoolgirl charm in this tiny leave-in earring that is perfect for multiple Mini Heart Safety Pin Earring Genuine cultured freshwater pearl, cubic zirconia and Shown as the picture Size: Pearl Beads Earrings Stud Earrings Super eye-catching, makes you impressive and charming on the whole party.

The color is just for reference only Sweet Silver Crystal Flower Women A crystal-lined helix cap sits atop a gorgeous freshwater pearl 10mm on these stud earrings by Carolee. Get the look of a diamond with this. All text, images and content in this website are the proprietary property of DiamondStuds4Less. All rights are reserved and will be vigorously protected via every legal means by the owner. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the product information and description.

We are not liable for any product informational typographical errors on the website. If you find an error on the website please report it to us for immediate correction. In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price due to typographical, photographic or technical error, diamondstuds4less. These include the tragus piercing, antitragus piercing, rook piercing, industrial piercing, helix piercing, orbital piercing, daith piercing, and conch piercing.

In addition, earlobe stretching, while common in indigenous cultures for thousands of years, began to appear in Western society in the s, and is now a fairly common sight. However, these forms of ear piercing are still infrequent compared to standard ear piercing. Ear piercing became commonly available in physician offices.

Some of the earliest commercial, non-medical locations for getting an ear piercing appeared in the s at Manhattan jewelry stores, although the overall commercial market was still in its infancy. By the s, ear piercing was common among many women, thus creating a broader market for the procedure. Department stores throughout the country would hold ear piercing events, sponsored by earring manufacturers. At these events, a nurse or other trained person would perform the procedure, either pushing a sharpened and sterilized starter earring through the earlobe by hand, or using an ear-piercing instrument modified from the design used by physicians.

In India, nearly all the girls and some boys get their ears pierced in a religious ceremony before they are about 5 years old. Infants may get their ears pierced as early as several days after their birth. Similar customs are practiced in other Southeast Asian countries, including Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Laos, although traditionally, most males wait to get their ears pierced until they have reached young adulthood. They only tend to allow one piercing on each ear as it is disrespectful to have any more than that.

Where most earrings worn in the western world are designed to be removed easily to be changed at will, earrings can also be permanent non-removable. They were once used as a mark of slavery or ownership. They appear today in the form of larger gauge rings which are difficult or impossible for a person to remove without assistance. Occasionally, hoop earrings are permanently installed by the use of solder,though this poses some risks due to toxicity of metals used in soldering and the risk of burns from the heat involved.

Besides permanent installations, locking earrings are occasionally worn by people of both genders, due to their personal symbolism or erotic value. Pierced ears are earlobes or the cartilage portion of the external ears which have had one or more holes created in them for the wearing of earrings. The holes may be permanent or temporary. The holes become permanent when a fistula is created by scar tissue forming around the initial earring. A variety of techniques are used to pierce ears, ranging from "do it yourself" methods using household items to medically sterile methods using specialized equipment.

A long-standing home method involves using ice as a local anesthetic, a sewing needle as a puncture instrument, a burning match and rubbing alcohol for disinfection, and a semi-soft object, such as a potato, cork, or rubber eraser, as a push point. Sewing thread may be drawn through the piercing and tied, as a device for keeping the piercing open during the healing process. Alternatively, a gold stud or wire earring may be directly inserted into the fresh piercing as the initial retaining device.

Home methods are often unsafe and risky due to issues of improper sterilization or placement. Another method for piercing ears, first made popular in the s, was the use of sharpened spring-loaded earrings known as self-piercers , trainers , or sleepers , which gradually pushed through the earlobe.

However, these could slip from their initial placement position, often resulting in more discomfort, and many times would not go all the way through the earlobe without additional pressure being applied. This method has fallen into disuse due to the popularity of faster and more successful piercing techniques.

Ear piercing instruments, sometimes called ear piercing guns , were originally developed for physician use but with modifications became available in retail settings.

Today more and more people in the Western world have their ears pierced with an ear piercing instrument in specialty jewelry or accessory stores, or at home using disposable ear piercing instruments.

An earlobe piercing performed with an ear piercing instrument is often described as feeling similar to being pinched, or being snapped by a rubber band. Piercing with this method, especially for cartilage piercings, is not recommended by many piercing professionals and physicians, as it can cause blunt force trauma to the skin, and takes far longer to heal than needle piercing. In addition, the vast majority of ear piercing instruments are made of plastic, which means they can never be truly sterilized by use of an Autoclave, increasing chance of infection exponentially.

In the case of cartilage piercing, doing it with an ear piercing instrument can shatter the ear cartilage and lead to serious complications. An alternative which is growing in practice is the use of a hollow piercing needle, as is done in body piercing. In tribal cultures and among some neo-primitive body piercing enthusiasts, the piercing is made using other tools, such as animal or plant organics. Initial healing time for an earlobe piercing performed with an ear piercing instrument is typically 6—8 weeks.

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