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One was a pair of shorts that looked nice, felt nice, but did not fit due to them not carrying a big enough size. I think the draw for this company was that it is out of Montreal, it came recommended, and it was all over the internet. The brands were varied as much as the colors. Five Four is simple to use, clothes that fit your style.

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Trunk Club boxes are quite large—heftier than most. After an interview with my stylist I received about half a dozen shirts, a few pairs of jeans, shoes and a sweater.
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I think the draw for this company was that it is out of Montreal, it came recommended, and it was all over the internet. Why not give it a try. Being out of Montreal, my hopes were high for a little bit of flair and style that I would not find in the other American boxes left at my doorstep. When visiting their website https: Signing back onto the site, I realized I had forgotten my password. The site allows you to log on via your Facebook account.

I was a little hesitant when the first question was my age range. Unfortunately the survey brought back some of my Montreal shopping experiences since the waist size only went to 38 where I am currently a kind of guy.

Blazer size only goes to 46 R with no place for explaining that this may be a little tight and I would need bigger. I range from a 46 to I received some pretty neutral items in my box. One was a pair of shorts that looked nice, felt nice, but did not fit due to them not carrying a big enough size. The items included were pretty dark and bland in color, not that exciting color wise for a collection that was supposedly their June Collection.

There are limited pieces sewn so if you like it, get it when you see it and no one else may have it. Shipping back and forth was free. I chose to do it from work on my lunch break, which was great since the window to try on the clothes, make the selection, and get the crate back in the mail was a quick 5 days. I decided to return everything and cancel my free membership. The clothes were of great quality and I liked the white shirt and the Jasper Oxford felt so nice, but was too small.

I was also looking forward to stopping by their home spot on my next visit to Montreal, but with my limited success, I may just go to Campus instead. But that Jasper Oxford was so nice. I think I would also like more vibrant colors. The palette is a little smoky and muted. When I visited their website, that question was actually the first thing I saw https: Why would someone venture into an experience where you get clothes in the mail?

I expected questions on waist size, shoe size, collar size, but they as well asked what body type I was as well as skin tone, hair color, eye color. Other questions were how did I like to wear my clothes, i. When I joined back in June, I had the option of talking with my stylist via phone for an initial check in or filling out the application. My stylist was fun, energetic, bubbly, interested, and very professional. It was like chatting with a friend that actually cared about your answers, your style, and your experience.

My stylist was excited to hear my responses and when she asked what special item I may be looking for and I answered gun metal grey dress shoes. Her excitement over my selection was fun and energetic. There will not be the option to have an onboarding chat with your stylist, but phone calls can still be made later on in the process. I was in the smaller percentile of those surveyed that desired the personal onboarding experience. There are still many chances to interact with your stylist.

Included in the first box was a lovely card with a wonderful message, but on it was a hand written note about the shoes, stating that she hoped they would work for me and that she included an extra pair of alternate colored laces which I did end up using. Another hand written note stated one of the shirts may run tight, but she wanted to include it anyway, just to see about the styling.

I liked the reminders since each company works on a different schedule. She had said she had just shipped the box and there was a blazer in there.

The stylist can only work with the information we give them. That was a let down, but the gun metal grey dress shoes with alternative light blue laces were exactly what I was looking for. The brands were varied as much as the colors.

Some I had never heard of before, but I was impressed. This means you are guaranteed variety, and originality, in every order. Once the box arrived, I had 5 days to get it back in the mail.

The 5- day try on period gave me enough time to really like the definite keepers and think about the maybes a little more. When it came time to return the box, I knew it would be a simple drop off at the UPS Store and shipping would be free. But what do I keep? I ended up keeping the shoes, two dress shirts, and a pair of awesome jeans.

The jeans and the shoes were worth the experience. What was amazing was the personal touch they provided. They also gave me what I was looking form, some help in my style and it was much appreciated. What I was a little excited and timid about was receiving the first box and knowing that it was going to have just about 3 full outfits in it. Boxes will now have 5 items in them and have a smaller total value.

Still not a bad deal. So have I reordered? I have not and this is why. I could lay off the service for a month, 2 months, or ten months, and when I do return, I will be able to get the same stylist I had before. One such change may be the ability to become a member of the service and select the option of having a box every other month, or even quarterly.

Bombfell supplies you with a stylist. Keep and pay for what you like and send back the rest. Free until you actually buy. Use this service if you want a little more than the norm.

Clothes are not at a discount. I'm still using this service. Five Four is simple to use, clothes that fit your style. You keep everything they send, usually 2 or 3 or more items. Clothes are of their own label. Good service that provides you good clothes for what works out to be 20 or 30 bucks per item?

FlyGuy Threads is someone doing shopping for you, for the same clothes you buy, just less hassle and money. I may use this service again in the future, I just chose to use Five Four over them since I had a coupon. Clothes are their own label, but there are size parameters that this bigger guy didn't fit in.

They charge your card for everything they send, but will remove items once you send back what you don't want to keep. My physical sizes didn't jive with what they offered. I did not renew. If I wanted to expand my horizons and have a stylist right there with me, this is the service I would select.

You can stay plain Jane as well and keep going with what you have in your closet, but if you're looking for an interactive, fun experience, go with this one. Clothes are not at a discount, but there are some great labels. I want to use them again, and may on occasion, but not monthly. You can use the service monthly or just order when you feel like it and you will have the same stylist every time.

I tried two boxes from Mens Style Lab and didn't keep anything from either box. The issues I ran into:. I can only imagine what they are charging. I gave detailed feedback and suggestions, including that I didn't want regular shoes.

I have wide and tall feet and many brands do not fit me. I said I might consider open-toed sandals, but that's about it. Guess what, the second box included a pair of lace up dress shoes. This box arrived the first week of August. Not only that, but two of the shirts in the box were solid black and a gray one. Those are spring colors? Encountering a problem once is okay, but when the problems are consistent, that is not good.

I'm really surprised with what you said about Frank and Oak. Of all the others, THEY didn't have the correct sizes, they didn't even go above 2x or 40 " for most. Not one of these have big guy friendly sizes. So for you to say as a big guy, the other 3 have sizes, I'm shocked because I tried all of them and they do NOT offer larger sizes. I'm 5'11", lbs, jeans are a minimum of 40 waist, but that depends on style and cut of jean.

Shirts, even 3xl from Frank n Oak do not fit, just like Old Navy. For the last couple of days of been contemplating which clothing delivery service would best suite me. Your reviews answered several of my questions and introduced me to new delivery services. I was originally going to give Five Four a try, but your review on Bombfell won me over.

Sorry just trying to understand. Thanks for the clarifying question! They'll thrown in 2 or 3 items that you keep at no extra charge.

You don't pay for each item. As people began wearing their clothing into other areas, the trend expanded. People who previously couldn't afford to step foot in a country club can now wear the same clothing around town. The clothing itself also changed, as the older people stepped down from the country clubs and the younger generation took over. Men and women share a similarity when it comes to dressing country club casual, especially on the upper half of their body.

It's recommended that men wear nicely pressed tailored shirts with crisp sleeves. They can also opt for polo shirts, if the shirts are new and clean. Women's shirts include nice sweaters made of cashmere or silk and those with tasteful buttons. Women can also pick shirts with feminine details such as pearl buttons or ruffles.

Both sexes also have the option of tailored jackets. With country club casual dress, the bottom half of the outfit is less important than the top. Shorts and capri pants are typically not allowed, though women can wear knee-length skirts. Men are encouraged to wear pressed slacks in a black or khaki color. Corduroy is another option for both sexes, as are velvet pants or skirts for women. The pants or skirt should fit well and be slim fit, not boot cut or bell bottoms.

Most country clubs don't allow denim in their clubhouse or on the grounds. Accessories are a great way to finish off a country club casual outfit.

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Trunk Club for Women You never need to say, “I have nothing to wear.” Trunk Club stylists will send looks you’ll love for work, the weekend, and everything in between. Women like to look good, and classy clothes have been known to enhance their confidence and productivity. Let’s delve into this clothing topic and learn more about its history and well as understand some fashion rules. Stitch Fix is personal styling for men, women & kids that sends clothing to your door (with free shipping & returns). Get started & find clothes you'll love!